What is SEO description?

SEO description, or meta description, is the description that appears directly under the SEO title in the search results, for a web page (URL). In English this is called ‘meta description’, or ‘description tag’.

A well-written SEO description can both spur your visibility on the search engine and be the reason why you get more and more clicks just for your search results, i.e. a higher CTR (Click-Through Rate).

How do I write a good SEO description?

A good SEO description meets the following criteria, among others:

  • Contains your primary keywords and key keywords.
  • Encourages visitors to click on your particular page, instead of the other results.
  • Relevant content that indicates that you can satisfy potential visitors’ search intent. This can be done, for example, by partially answering the visitors’ primary question already in the search results, which motivates them to find out more on your website.
  • Is not too long. About 150 characters should never exceed the maximum number of characters that the meta description contains (on Google search results). On the other hand, SEO descriptions on Google can sometimes be up to 300 characters, which can depend on both the keyword itself, and how high the website ranks. To be sure that the meta description has the optimal length, it pays to double-check with, for example, the SEO mofo tool.
  • Works well with the SEO title, which is above the SEO title.

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