About Us

Itshayat is Pakistan’s leading technology media platform, dedicated to profiling and promoting Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs, breaking technology news. Founded in 2019.

Our mission at Itshayat is to cover news with regard to Start-ups, entrepreneurship, and Technology in Pakistan. Most other sites that kick-start in Pakistan has residents of the West as their primary target audience. To us, each and every reader is precious. We will never be too busy to hear your feedback, input or critique on us and if you ever feel like dropping us a mail to have a friendly chat with one of our writers then you are welcome to do so!

At the end of the day, every person on this team is human. As such we will make “Human Errors” when these incidents occur we hope that you don’t bombard our comments section with negativity and instead just drop us an email with your concern and we will be sure to make amends as soon as we can.

Once the machines rise, you will then be able to surf an error free internet. Till then, please be patient with us humans for a while longer! 🙂