What do organic keywords mean?

By organic keywords are meant the keywords that the website ranks for on search engines’ natural search results, also called the search engine’s organic listing.

The ultimate goal of doing proper SEO is to improve the website’s organic ranking for as many relevant keywords as possible and thus drive more converting traffic.

You should strive to appear on search engines for as many relevant keywords as possible. The organic keywords are basically your most important key figures (KPIs) for measuring the website’s SEO performance.

How to keep track of your organic keywords and rankings

To keep track of your organic keyword placements, you can use various tools, such as:

  • Ahrefs – This is an example of a tool that can, among other things, show which organic keywords you rank for, but also which specific URLs rank for the keywords. Ahrefs also shows an estimate of how much organic traffic you generate with each keyword.
  • Accuranker – This is also an excellent program for tracking your organic keyword placements. However, this does not automatically find your rankings. This tool is for people who know what keywords they want to rank for. This is because you have to enter the keywords for which you want to see your organic listings. Accuranker will then show your placements for the keywords you have selected.
  • Google Search Console – This is a free tool from Google that, in addition to its other valuable features, lets you see how you rank for different keywords. When it comes to following organic listings, this one is not quite as advanced as the two mentioned above. On the other hand, if you have zero budget, this is the tool for you.

Identify which organic keywords you should be visible for

To understand the potential of the various organic keywords, you need to do keyword analysis. In the keyword analysis, you strive to identify which keywords are relevant to you and how much organic traffic these can potentially generate.

The keyword analysis also helps you identify all the relevant variations of your keywords. This allows you to optimize your website and that you focus on the right SEO keywords.

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