What are keywords? (SEO)

Keywords are essential for a website’s SEO strategy. By keywords is meant the words that you want your web page to appear on search engines.

To generate as much organic traffic to the website as possible, you should analyze which keywords (keywords) you should focus on.

In short, this is about listing all the keywords that are relevant and that you should be visible to. Then you prioritize them.

This process is called keyword analysis, or keyword analysis, where you strive to get answers to the following questions, among others:

  • What unique keywords do visitors use to find your products or services?
  • What are the most valuable keywords for your website? The keywords whose search intent matches what you can offer the visitor should be given the highest priority.
  • Which keywords can generate the most relevant traffic to your website? I want to emphasize the word relevant because it is essential.
  • Are there different ways to search for what you have to offer, e.g. synonyms, related keywords, etc.?

When you are done with the keyword analysis, you have a clear plan for:

  • How to write your content to answer all visitors’ questions.
  • Which secondary keywords and phrases to be emphasized in the headings and the text in general.

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