Best National Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data in Pakistan.

The demand for Cloud Services and Solutions is rapidly growing in Pakistan. Companies are realizing it’s expensive for them to take care of their own IT infrastructure.

The NCBC Peshawar is to effectively utilize cloud computing for giant Data applications for solution to problems of national importance. With support of cloud computing resource limited resource devices can perform heavy data services to store, edit, generate, process and communicate media files like audio, video, images, graphics and then on, even without large storage and computation power.

The Only Vision of NCBC Peshawar is developing social and human capital that has been identified as very first of the seven Pillars of the Vision 2025. To reinforce collective competitiveness within the longer run and channelize and streamline energies and potential of Pakistani youth. One in every of the foremost important pillars is to form Knowledge Economy through instruction and research.

What NCBC Peshawar Provides?

Remote Sensing

remote sensing

The objective of this R&D activity is to develop a cloud computing based land-use and alter detection system using remote sensing to help To plan Agencies, Government organizations, environment monitoring agencies, individuals and organizations, to effectively obtain land-use and alter detection statistics for planning and monitoring of the land surface and environment. A distant sensing system are developed that may effective utilization cloud’s storage, computing and analytics resource for land-cover use and alter detection.

Multimedia Streaming


The objective of this R&D activity is to develop a cloud computing based P2P live and on-demand multimedia streaming application to help media houses, educational institutes, individuals and organizations, to stream live multimedia contents, with support of scalability feature to figure effectively in diverse networking conditions and provision of high users quality of experience with increase in number of users.

An open source P2P multimedia streaming system are going to be developed, that may be effective utilization cloud computing, storage and analytics resource for multimedia streaming.

Cloud Computing

cloud computing
Gathering of digital data and computing analytics to make sure governmental regularization of revenue and citizens welfare from digital apps and IoT ecosystem. Map-based digital portal are going to be developed that gives citizens and governing bodies with visual analytics to know complex municipal data e.g. a citizen can see the analytics of pollution, crimes, road conditions, load shedding timing, streetlight conditions of any code.

Governing bodies can use data for political beliefs, and monitoring. The digital portal will have support of program, analytics and warmth maps support.

Traffic Characterization

Vehicular traffic flow, being a dynamic system, experiences perturbation thanks to new entrant vehicles at ingress. Causing shock waves which travels back within the traffic flow system causing congestions. Congestion, excessive acceleration and deceleration increases fuel consumption, emissions (CO2, CO, dust particles etc.) and accident’s vulnerability. Traffic flow models are going to be devised using Wave propagation,

Fluid Flow dynamics, Constraint/linear programming, queuing theory and regression techniques for forecasting, congestion mitigation and ameliorating traffic flow.

Apart from that, NCBC Peshawar published 40+ research papers successfully and more counting.

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