What are SEO and SEM?

SEO and SEM – what’s the difference?

The difference between SEO and SEM, as well as how it is related, is as follows:

·        SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

 SEM is thus about search engine marketing. Previously, SEM included several different tactics in search engine marketing, including SEO. Nowadays, the term is mainly used to explain the paid marketing on search engines, such as PPC (AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.) and Display advertising.

·        SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

 SEO is one of several tactics that can be used to develop a website’s SEM strategy. SEO is primarily aimed at the activities used to improve the website’s “natural” visibility on search engines and thus generate more organic traffic.

They are thus closely related terms, but there is a clear difference in their meaning.

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