Ultimate Tips to Start Your Career in the Social Media Marketing Industry

Studying and working in the digital marketing industry is a fascinating idea, especially given this field’s benefits and positive projections for the coming years. A Yahoo Finance report shows an estimated growth of 13.9 percent ($786.2 billion) by 2026. Careers related to this industry command good profit margins on salaries and company investments. For that reason, if you want to get an opportunity in the outstanding social media marketing industry, you are reading the right article.

Take a look at the most popular trends in this decade, salaries, and strategies to succeed in your career path. In the paragraphs below, we will show you the ultimate tips to start your career as a digital marketer

Study the Market and Your Objectives

We all know about digitalization and the growth of remote work. However, you should evaluate the projections of this career according to your city, state, and country. Wages, vacancies, and working conditions are not the same in all circumstances. For that reason, take a look at job placement platforms in your location, estimated salaries, hiring rates, and companies looking for talent.

If you organize these points, you will have a more realistic career path. BLS studies are favorable for your ambitions. According to the most recent reports, advertising, promotions, and marketing manager careers have an average salary of $141,490. The states with the best job outlook rates are California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

Begin Your Academic Preparation

One of the characteristics of this field is competitiveness. Companies have strict hiring processes in place because of the high supply of social media marketing workers. Your success as a professional is dependent on your preparation. Higher education costs can be an obstacle on your path to a good job. However, the educational resources in this age are massive, and each of them offers interesting results for you.

One of the most popular alternatives today is bootcamps. These schools offer online and on-site programs for students from all over the world. Social media marketing is a frequent topic on these educational platforms. General Assembly, one of the most famous bootcamps worldwide, offers a digital marketing program covering aspects of social media such as app management, Ads, and positioning.

Social Media Marketing Tools Proficiency

One of the best ways to overcome social media marketing challenges is management platforms. These systems manage data flows and automated posts, responses, activity monitoring, reactions, and target impact. Some of the most famous software are Buffer, Buzzsumo, Biteable, and MeetEdgar.

Also, if you are a remote worker, you can invest in high-end smartphones with processors and storage systems suitable for the needs of this career. Communication is a fundamental part of the success of campaigns. Usually, remote employers look for candidates with personal tools to manage activities from home.

Apply for Small Offers

Perhaps one of the most difficult stages during your career as a social media marketer is finding your first job. In this digital age, the offers for this field are massive, and the number of candidates. 

The best advice is to think of unique and real results based on your knowledge. Therefore, experience is your main goal. As an entry-level, you can search for local businesses or small digital projects to offer your services at a low cost.

Small offers tend to be short-term projects, part-time schedules, and below-average salaries. But keep in mind that the goal is the experience. After getting your first results, it’s time to optimize your professional level. 

Make a portfolio and keep your resume updated with all your development campaigns. After getting through your first few jobs, you can start looking for more competitive businesses with better pay and bigger teams.

Trust the New Technology Trends

There are many ways to become a social media expert. You don’t have to follow a specific method. However, the best advice is to keep your knowledge updated all the time. Take a look at disruptive technologies such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. Each of these fields optimizes management services in the marketing industry today.


We want to help you start your career as a social media marketer. The five tips above are a special guide that shows you the most usual path for this goal. Follow each point, invest in your professional training and top-notch resources, and search for interesting offers.

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